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Meeting Information

The Merrimack Valley Chapter of the EGA meets once a month on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Hampton Inn Billerica.  25 Middlesex Turnpike, Bedford MA 01821

In addition to our monthly evening meetings, we have a biennial two-day seminar in even-numbered years.

Meeting Practices and Policies

During the months of April through December, we hold monthly workshops as well as conduct business meetings. 

During January, February, and March, we hold informal stitch-ins.  It is a great way to catch up projects that are on-going.

We ask that members wear their nametags during meetings for the benefit of new members and some of us who don't remember names well. Members who wear their nametags are eligible for a monthly door prize.

At our monthly meetings, time is set aside for Show and Tell. Members may bring in their completed needlework pieces (all stitching must be done, but the pieces do not need to be framed, mounted or otherwise "finished"). For going to the effort of bringing the piece in and sharing it with the rest of us, members will get one entry for every piece presented into our year-end Show and Tell Drawing. The prize for the drawing is a one-year chapter membership